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Bryan & Charlene

We often share with our couples that weddings are experiential, right from where they got their invitation cards to attending the reception area and ballroom to the end of the wedding dinner. When we were planning for Bryan and Charlene's wedding, we focused on creating a wholesome experience for them, their families and guests.

Bryan and Charlene was not keen on any fancy themes, they wanted a classic blue and gold wedding. We designed their wedding invites with their favourite quotes in mind, adding that little touch of personality into their wedding. These visuals were then evolved and incorporated into the venue decorations at their church and ballroom. 

When Charlene asked if we could reuse the flowers along the aisle, we suggested that how about creating a floral buffet in the evening and reuse these flowers for their guests. They loved the idea because they knew their guests love flowers. The flowers were indeed brought home by all their guests at the end of their dinner.

From the stairways leading up to the reception area, blue and gold decorations with fairylights were lined along the way to welcome their guests. Entering the ballroom, guests are then offered a vase for them to pick their own flowers. The room was filled with fresh fragrance and everyone had their smiles on. 

The ballroom was lined with scallops of fairylights and hanging mobiles that were handcrafted. They completed the ballroom with the chandeliers by Keppel Club.