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JH & Yiz

Jh and Yiz had a love for simple details and wanted their wedding to focus on these important people; family, friends and their love for each other. As they witnessed many weddings with decorations wasted only after a day of display, they asked if I could deck up their wedding venue with elements that they could possibly reuse in their future home.

We styled their solemnisation area with that in mind and came up with a handstitched backdrop that could potentially hang in the home as a curtain/divider with many other small banners that could hang at home as decoratives and as simple reminders of their love.

They had a symbol for each other, similar to pet names that we give our love ones, a pig and a tiger. They were then embroidered and displayed as their bride and groom chairs. This added little personal touches to their wedding, created small conversations among guests wanting to know more about their love details.

Jh and Yiz will also love to have something for each of their family members, bridesmaids and groomsmen, as a little souvenir to commemorate their kinship, friendships and love. We personalized small pins for them, with their pet names; the way they address each other embroidered. 

Photography: KSANA | Invite: Cherryn | Venue: Skyve Bistro

For JH & Yiz, I designed:

Personal Details

Bride's Brooch (Handstitched) | Groom's Pin (Embroidered)

Bridemaids' Armlet/Bracelet/Headband | Groomsmen's Pins (Embroidered)

Parents' Pins (Embroidered)

Venue Styling: Concept and Design

Reception Area

Walkway lined with lace buntings and embroidered welcome banners

Angbao Box Banner

Solemnisation Area

Hand-stitched Backdrop

Embroidered Bride and Groom Chairs' banner

Memory Corner

Decorated with fairy-lights, couple's photos, notecards for guests, pegs for guests to pin their polaroids and messages for the couples