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KC & Angie

KC is like a big brother to me. I’ll always remember how he taught me to make grasshoppers out of some long pointy leaf, and I’ve kept it with me all these years.

Everything about his wedding is DIY, where Angie sources for everything and plans for the big day. He was tasked to make his own ring bearer box, and a lighted Mr. & Mrs. to announce them husband and wife.

There were just certain items the brides cant possibly do all by themselves, and that’s where I came in. A photobooth backdrop was what they had in mind.

Hand-drawn & hand-crafted. Made of mounted boards, layered with chalkboard stickers, designing and drawing was simple, transportation and set-up was the headache. Nevertheless, we pulled it all through, even managed to reuse it on their wedding day!

For KC & Angie, I designed:

Photobooth Backdrop

Material: Cardboard layered with chalkboard sticker, Chalk markers

Dimension: 1.8 x 2.3m approximately