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Kiat & Han (Actual Day)

Photography: JunWu | Venue: Hotel Fort Canning (Grand Marquee)

The theme was consistent with their pre-wedding photoshoot's where they wanted to focus on their love ones. We create a photo display corner with the couple's parents' dating and wedding photos, memories of their childhood friends and love ones that watched and grew up with them. Wanting their wedding to be more than just about the 2 of them but also a celebration of great friendships, kinships and gratefulness, elements of the wedding were curated with that in mind. 

The colour palette were white and green, neutral tones with a touch of red that worked well with the wedding venue, not taking too much attention away from the main theme. The wedding was held at the Hotel Fort Canning, where the dinner commences in the Grand Marquee, and the solemnisation in the front garden porch. The night was warm and cosy.

The wedding banner "执子之手,与子偕老", is an old Chinese saying that signifies "hand in hand, let's grow old together", was calligraphed by @typing.jpg from Hongkong, and handsewn by myself. The characters were traced and cut down, then handstitched onto the backdrop.

The Bride and Groom chairs have a little banner each that embroidered our family names, "許" and "曾", signifying the union of the 2 families. They were adorned with leaf garlands, similar to the ones lined along the aisle.

The couple wanted their wedding favours to be a healthy snack for our guests to munch as they enjoy themselves in small chats and interactions. We decided to support EATOBE, that produced really tasty freeze-dried fruit chips. They are a young local company that is constantly searching ways to produce healthy and clean food; foods containing zero artificial preservatives, additives, sugar, trans fat, MSG, colourings and flavouring. 

For Kiat & Han, I designed:

Personal Details

- Bridemaids' Pins

- Groomsmen's Patches

Wedding Stationery

- 2-fold Solemnisation Invitation with map and RSVP

Material: 350 gsm textured paper

- Wedding favour topper

Venue Styling:

- Concept and Design

- Sourcing and purchase of materials

- Handcrafted props

Reception Area

- Welcome signboard

- Reception table setup

Solemnisation Area

- Solemnisation table set-up

- Hand-stitched Backdrop

- Ring holder

- Bride and Groom Chairs' decor

- Aisle

- Confetti Poppers