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Ken & Jes

Jes aspired to be a DIY bride and she had many ideas in mind. When we met, she shared with me the array of items she got online and the difficulty she had when she tried to piece everything together.

We started to organise her thoughts, categorizing the items and went through the wedding venue with her. We aligned her expectations, provided her with moodboards and how we could achieve them in venue they picked.

Hotel Fort Canning (HFC) was a beautiful choice, Jes and Ken even requested that they will like to have their dinner at the outdoor garden. It was a first for HFC as that venue has always been for solemnisation ceremonies. Lined with fairylights above, it was a perfect idea an al fresco wedding experience.

That said, Singapore's weather are always unpredictable. It is a huge risk to take for them. Not the rain, but news of the mozzies came. Unwavered on the decision to shift indoors, we offered solutions for them to complete this experience, providing guests with necessary precautions; offering mosquito patches as wedding favour! Jes even prepared moquito repellants at the reception area.

Guests were welcomed with fresh florals and greens, handlettered placecards, and polaroid films for capturing great memories to bring home. Each table number offered the guests a glimpse to Jes and Ken's love journey revealing the important dates of their milestones in life together.